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Have you thought about how mobile application development could benefit your business?

With busy lives and a lot to organise, your potential customers could use a mobile application or app to buy from you via their mobile device or review your services 'on the go' 24/7, wherever they are, whatever they need!

SynergiDesign’s mobile web development services can make your business global through the development of a mobile app unique to you, engineered to your customers’ tastes.

What is a mobile app?

An app is a mobile application that can be installed on smart phones and tablets. They are programs to achieve a variety of functions. The programs work via the mobile operative system to mobile phone or tablet. Currently the most popular SO from mobiles are apple iOS, android, windows phone 7.

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mobile application development

Mobile Apps can benefit you in any number of ways. If you have an e-commerce website, you can allow people to buy products on the mobile phone with your App.

This App can be free to download and it can generate benefits to you, because it can increase sales as your customers can buy in any location.

If you have a company, a mobile App can reduce the amount of paperwork. Because all the operations can be make by the App for a safe way.

If you have a restaurant or are property agents, the mobile App can help the customers to find your restaurants and the proprieties in different cities, order menus and view the menu of the day.

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Analysing the mobile App marketplace

One of the first steps to building a mobile strategy is to take a look at the marketplace – what does a typical mobile user look like,

what mobile platforms do they use, what is their current user experience and what do they expect from mobile services? Also, what is your competition doing and can you identify ways to be different?

Setting objectives

Your strategy will not work if you don’t establish clear objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) at the start of the process. Deciding on your primary aim – awareness, sales, engagement, efficiency – will have a significant impact on the route you choose. Mobile Applications can offer unique opportunities for securing and retaining customers – but it is not a marketing or distribution cure-all, and your strategy should consider this.

Meet your objectives by defining the product

Once the objectives are clear, you can start to define what kind of product will meet them. Examining how customers are currently using your products or service, your business framework and ways to change your product for mobile will provide the context for an application definition statement, which should also give room for breaking new ground using the qualities unique to mobile.

Creating a mobile brand

It’s important for brands to adapt to the nature of mobile and the way users interact with services – screen size, time and frequency of engagement, customer expectations all have an impact on the way branding works and how mobile integrates with the overall brand story.

Choosing a platform

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a mobile platform – and the pros and cons have caused a great deal of debate. Is it best to focus on mobile web or applications? Will your product work on iPhone, Android, Blackberry or all three?

Mobile Apps User experience

Users have come to expect a specific user experience from mobile devices and Apps, and it’s vital to consider how they will feel, how they will act and if they will be encouraged to make repeat visits/purchases when using your mobile App. Analysing user behaviour and applying basic rules for best practice will ensure that user experience is appropriate, consistent and, above all, delivers the required results.

Delivering the product

Given the growth of mobile and its increasing importance as a channel to market, there is an understandable desire to launch mobile products speedily, and while this is not necessarily a recipe for failure the emphasis should always be on ensuring mobile can integrate easily and securely with your primary channels. The physical development of your mobile product will require specific skillsets, and part of your strategy should be where these will be sourced from – in-house or third party? And, as mobile in its current incarnation is relatively new and untested, how will you deal with any issues which may occur?

Releasing the mobile product

A mobile product will have to meet a range of requirements before launch, including (for applications) App store approval, and integration with other marketing initiatives as part of an overall marketing strategy. The mobile strategy should also consider how to publicise the release as well as how to make best use of online rankings and reviews.

Monitoring and maintenance

Successful mobile strategies recognise that simply launching an App or mobile site isn’t enough – the mobile product needs to be monitored, maintained, fixed if necessary and regularly updated if it is to continue to engage customers. Scheduled measurement against original objectives and KPIs will ensure that the mobile strategy stays on track and delivers the required results.

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Our process is well structured, clear and tried and tested for success.

App Development Project Scope

Analysis & Planning

Working with you we establish and plan all the steps in your mobile application development. We then calculate resources and timescale.


If required, we make a study of customers that will use the app, the application options and the devices that will use the app, also the sector (ie whether it is for personal or business use).

App Design

User Experience

We are experts in User Experience; we match the design of the App to the target market identified from our research. The high level of intuitiveness, usability and compatibility makes it more attractive to customers for downloading and using.

Design / Interface

Once we have all the data about the customers, the interface, the User Experience, etc. Then we proceed to create the attractive interface and the design of the App.

App Develop

Mobile Application development

When we are satisfied we have all the data, knowledge and ideas we need, we proceed to develop the App.

Review & Refine the Mobile App


We test the application thoroughly, in different devices with different characteristics and with different kinds of users.


When the application development is complete you can evaluate its effectiveness and agree any necessary changes.

Deliver the App!

Gold Version

Once you give your approval the application is prepared for mass production.

mobile app development

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iPhone application platform

iPhone App Development

Synergi Design provides iPhone App development services in UK. From our office in central Birmingham we have expertise in iPhone programming and creating iPhone applications and business iPhone Apps development.

The iPhone is a revolutionary smartphone with compelling graphics, internet and multimedia features. Since being introduced the popularity of the iPhone has made it the best selling smart phone worldwide. Due to its widespread use application development for iPhone has become big business. iPhone applications can be placed online for free download or can also be sold through the App store, this allows your App to reach customers worldwide.

Our expert iPhone Apps development services include:

  • iPhone Multimedia Apps Development
  • Business iPhone Applications
  • Customised iPhone Application Development
  • Ecommerce iPhone Apps
  • Widget Development
  • Entertainment iPhone Apps Development
  • iPhone Theme, Mock, Icon Design services
  • iPhone Mobile Website Development

Our team of iPhone App developers are well trained and experienced in utilisiing iPhone application development technologies and SDKs. Our iPhone App developers strictly adhere to iPhone SDK guidelines and do rigorous testing in real-time environment to ensure the high quality of the application.

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Android App Development

Android is a quickly expanding mobile operating system owned by Open Handset Alliance and Google. Due to the revolution of smart phones, people worldwide have been choosing mobile devices based on Android. It has been ranked as one of the top 4 worldwide selling operating system. The rapidly growing prevalence of Android has resulted in the growth for Android App Development.

Synergi is equipped from our office in central Birmingham with a team of accomplished and experienced Android developers and designers. We utilize our in house expertise in Java programming, Android SDK and Framework APIs in order to deliver world class Android applications that meet our customer's business needs.

Our expertise includes:

  • Business/Office Android Applications
  • Android compatible Website
  • Multimedia Android Apps development
  • Android Application Development
  • GPS Tracking Applications
  • Social Networking Android Applications / Apps
  • Entertainment Android Applications / Apps
  • Internet based Android Applications / Apps
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Windows Phone Application Development

Windows Phone is a mobile operating system released by Microsoft for smartphones and mobile devices.

Windows Mobile has become popular by arranging a familiar and very simple to use platform that enables users to manage their phone contacts, tasks, calendar, appointment schedules, messenger and even email box that synch with your desktop PC. Whether you want windows phone Apps to make revenue or a mobile App to ease your business process, our Windows Mobile Apps Development services can help you with customized solution that meet you’re every business or personnel needs.

Our Windows Phone Mobile Application development will help you in following ways:

From our Birmingham office we deliver:

We are focused on creating customized mobile solutions that can give satisfaction to our clients. We use the most up to date technologies that can best suit our customer requirements in building superior windows mobile applications. The technologies we use for windows mobile application development include:

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