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It’s a big world out there – but see how compact it can become with mobile applications developed for instant use. Here are details of some of the most famous and popular apps.

Who knows? Perhaps yours could be ready to join them!

Facebook app

The Facebook app allows you to stay connected with your friends and share information on the go. Upload a photo, keep up with friends, photos and status updates, look up a phone number, etc.

It is free and available for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and windows Phone 7.


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The Paypal app boasts several cool features, but two of them deserve some extra attention. - “Bump Phones” lets you send or receive money between your phone and another Paypal user’s phone simply by bumping the together.

Kindle app

kindle mobile app

The Kindle app allows you read books on your phone with over a million books and popular magazines like The Economist and Reader’s Digest at your fingertips.


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The Netflix app allows subscribing to any of the monthly Netflix packages that give access to instant streaming queue anywhere. It is available for IPhone, iPad, iPod and Android.

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